[FULL TRANS] Lotte Duty Free Interview – Eunhyuk Siwon and Donghae

Q: Current interest?

Siwon: I notice color everywhere. I ask what the colors are and I critique on my own like, “I don’t think this color works with that one.” I’m into that these days. It’s pretty enteraining when you’re not occupied.
Donghae: I’m pretty interested with candles these days. I’m absorbed to collecting candles. I enjoy the candle scents more than anything.

Q: Memorable episodes?

Siwon: Once we had an athletic event. We didn’t practice prior to the day nor was it a big deal at the time, but it was very memorable. When I felt I was a member of this team and that this team will become a useful tool in the world, I felt inspired and excited. I still remember that moment.

Q: What do you wish to do in the future?

Siwon: I think K-pop represents Korean Popular Culture and Super Junior is on the frontier of K-pop. As a part of the team, I have a vision of bringing more dreams and hopes to K-pop lovers around the world.
Hyuk: As for me, I don’t wish to get new dreams but maintain and nurture my old dream. With the people I have now.
Hae: I would like to go around the world with the members. We’re receiving so much love.
Hyuk: Yes! World Tour!!
Hae: Seriously!
Hyuk: I would love to go and see the world, but I think the conditions and situations are not met yet. The world tour, our goal and dream! We will definitely make this dream come true so we can meet the fans all around the world.

Q: What does Super Junior mean to you?

Siwon: Super Junior is a source of energy to Donghae. To me, Super Junior is the best friend. It’s like an army comrade.
Hyuk: It’s good to know other members think the same way as I do.
Siwon: I think the same way, but I can’t come up with a word to describe it.
Hyuk: Something undefinable.
Siwon: Then I’ll just say a mystery!
Hae: For me It’s like a family

Q: Any comments for those who dream of becoming the next Super Junior?

Siwon: We believe you’ll not become the next Super Junior but become greater than we will and we look forward to seeing you. I dare offer one piece of advice. I think it is most important to stick to the original resolutions from the time you decided to become a singer.


Source(video) : lottedfs
Trans By : @ELFISHics (twitter)
Shared By : NeshiaSya

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